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Mayrig, un coin de chez nous dans votre assiette A young girl on a long and lonely voyage, a beautiful stone house by the sea, and a book of fiercely guarded recipes. These are just some of the elements which compose the fascinating history of Mayrig. Tucked away at the far end of Beirut’s Gemayzeh quarter, Mayrig is a restaurant that adapts the popular classics of Armenian cuisine, while generously borrowing from Lebanese and other Mediterranean influences, in order to feast guests on a dazzling array of flavors. Our “haven of dining perfection”, as food critics have hailed it, uses spicy ingredients and dewy-fresh harvests from the entire region, delicately hand-crafted creations, and a charming setting that still evokes Beirut’s glory days. Somehow, what you get is even more sublime than the sum of its parts…not surprising for a restaurant which still believes in serving food, and welcomes, very warm.

Pasteur st
01572121 - 03228227