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AL Phenic
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Located below Casino Du Liban, the legendary Al Phenic offers a true taste of Lebanese foods and an authentic experience with the freshest ingredients and breathtaking views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Blending classical heritage with modern sophistication, Al Phenic is a full service concept that caters all types of events from the most casual group gatherings to the most formal corporate banquets and enchanting weddings. The Al Phenic is a modern concept joining together three distinct floors, each catering a unique ambiance and style: 1. The Restaurant (First Floor), offering Lebanese cuisine and local catch seafood, and certainly the best Shisha in town! 2. The Events Venue (Ground Floor), presenting a glamorous ballroom with access to a beautiful outdoor garden serving welcome drinks and canapé receptions 3. The Rooftop, a lounge bar and restaurant serving outstanding international food and lovely cocktails in a vibrant atmosphere! Breathtaking sea views and a magical sunset to fulfil your stay!

Near Casino du Liban, Jounieh, Lebanon? Ghazir, Jounieh 2733
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