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Loge Restaurant
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Its pleasant and welcoming atmosphere guaranties the most enjoyable and satisfying dining experience. The handsome interior design elements and the uniquely textured walls produce a smooth, flowing look which adds a touch of class to the beautiful and lavish d├ęcor . It is simultaneously upscale and casual and offers diners an elegant atmosphere with high quality service. Our regular program starts with relaxing music: a variety of classical and soft low beat hits, carefully selected by our resident DJ, to put you in the dinner mood and to ensure the enjoyment of your savory meal while projecting music videos to entertain you along the way. Following is some dance music of 80's and 90's, mix of English, French and Spanish with a flavor of some Arabic for a beautiful warm-up to kick off the evening. To top a wonderful evening, music Veteran and singing artist, Fady Sayegh, gets you in the mood to party and shake your body all night long, with a variety of Arabic music blended with unforgettable hits that get you ready to hit the dance floor on the rhythm of the pure oriental and Arabic dance beats of our times.

Pasteur st
01449999 - 03004100