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Chez Sami
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Seafood is the speciality of the restaurant “Chez Sami”, located, about, 20 km North of Beirut. The place is conveniently situated on the Maameltein coastal road – next to a sandy see shore – in the heart of the famous bay of Jounieh, just a few minutes away from the “Casino du Liban”. Offering therefore its customers, from its wooden terrace as well as from its indoor dining area, a wide and breath taking sea view. The restaurant services local markets of Keserwan, Jbeil, Metn and Beirut. Its customer base is well diversified between locals and internationals. Furthermore, a sizable portion of our clientele is composed of businessmen, corporate executives and politicians who arrange their business lunches and diners invitations at “Chez Sami”. The restaurant managing family, the Rizkallahs, who inherited their know-how from their father, Mar Sami Rizkallah the founder of the famous restaurant who had a passionate interest in sailing and was a talented caterer, have a long experience in catering and seafood. As a result, the restaurant became one of the leaders in the seafood restaurants, enjoying an excellent reputation of quality, good taste and hygiene. It is a place, were simplicity and beautiness of a traditional Lebanese house is in harmony with a unique modern atmosphere of refinement were your thoughts and senses can travel fare away beyond the limits of the horizon. So, come and join us on board for a So, come and join us on board for a long journey by see around a nice table of seafood and Lebanese mezze.

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