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Dbayeh -

Don’t be fooled by the “new kid”. Cinemall is a state-of-the-art 8 screen multiplex featuring the very best in digital film and sound technology and seats so comfortable you won’t want to go home. We have even a VIP cinema for those who want to feel like a KING or QUEEN for day. Watch the sharpest and brightest picture on the very best 2K and 4K BARCO digital projector, powered by the #1 digital film server by DOREMI and have you heard about the DOLBY 7.1 surround Sound. Let’s not forget the unforgettable 3D experience bought to you by Real-D. At Cinemall we guarantee you the freshest popcorn, the fizziest soda and the best cinematic experience money can buy. So sit back, relax and enjoy the movies !!!

Achbilieh, Cinema

Saida -

AK 2000

Saida -

Al Madina Theatre

Hamra -

Aresco Palace Theater

Hamra -

Association Culturelle, Theatre

Tripoli -

Babel Theatre

Hamra -

Beryte, Theatre

Adlieh -

Beyrouth, Theatre de

Minet El Hosn -

Caracalla Theater

Sin El Fil -

Casino du Liban Theater

Maameltein -

Cesar's Palace Theater

Adma -

Chateautrianon Theater

Jal el Dib -

Cinema City

Dora -

Circuit Planete (Abraj) Cinema

Furn Chebbak -

Circuit Planete (Tripoli) Cinema

Tripoli -

Cite (la), Cinema

Jounieh -

Emile Boustani Auditorium

Beit Mery -

Empire (Galaxy) Cinema

Hazmieh -

Empire (les Dunes) Cinema

Verdun -

Empire Espace Cinema

Zouk Mikayel -

Empire Premiere (Sodeco), Cinema

Sodeco -

Fakhreddean Theatre

Baakline -

Georges V Cinema

Zouk Mikayel -

Georges V Theater

Adonis -

Grand Cinemas (ABC)

2 branches [ Dbayeh - Achrafieh - ]

Grand Cinemas (Concorde)

Verdun -

Grand Cinemas (Las Salinas)

Chekka -


Hazmieh -

Hoyek Theater

Jbeil -

Khayal Association for Arts & Education

Tayoune -

Lebanese Music School

Zalka -

Lundi des Franciscains (les)

Badaro -

Metro al Madina

Hamra -

Metropolis Empire (Sofil) Cinema

Tabaris -

Monot Theater

Monot -

Mont la Salle, Theatre

Ain Saadeh -

Odeon Theater

Antelias -

Olympia de Kaslik

Kaslik -

Palais Versailles, Theatre

Hamra -

Planete (Saint Elie) Cinema

Antelias -

Play Room

Dora -

Prime On Bliss

Hamra -

Roger Kalaouz & Associates Co

Sin El Fil -

Sagesse Theater

Jdeideh -

Salle des Etoiles

Jounieh -

Star Gate

Zahleh -

Vox Cinemas

Hazmieh -