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AL Phenic

Ghazir -

Located below Casino Du Liban, the legendary Al Phenic offers a true taste of Lebanese foods and an authentic experience with the freshest ingredients and breathtaking views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Blending classical heritage with modern sophistication, Al Phenic is a full service concept that caters all types of events from the most casual group gatherings to the most formal corporate banquets and enchanting weddings. The Al Phenic is a modern concept joining together three distinct floors, each catering a unique ambiance and style: 1. The Restaurant (First Floor), offering Lebanese cuisine and local catch seafood, and certainly the best Shisha in town! 2. The Events Venue (Ground Floor), presenting a glamorous ballroom with access to a beautiful outdoor garden serving welcome drinks and canapé receptions 3. The Rooftop, a lounge bar and restaurant serving outstanding international food and lovely cocktails in a vibrant atmosphere! Breathtaking sea views and a magical sunset to fulfil your stay!


Mar Mikhael -

latin american, mexican and spanish/basque

Antika Bar

Dbayeh -

Babel Restaurant

Dbayeh -

We strongly believe that we partly owe our excellence to the consideration we humbly show in adapting to cultures wherever we drop Babel's anchor, moulding our know-how to best grasp our surroundings local culture, habits, and food-related ingredients to best reflect the environment we are at. Such a success will remain partial if not generously unveiled to a world in the heart of which the value “finest” holds a very special place, a world that will discover, with Babel, that Lebanese cuisine has been taken to another level... Since Babel was born, it was a place that excels at authenticity, and projects uniqueness and creativity.We always made sure that our "normal" is never less than perfection with new and out of the box ideas, while our references stay well rooted in the authenticity of our culture. Babel’s special venues have been designed in a way that completely reflects our vision of an amazing setting, of how and in which ambiance refined guests coming from many different backgrounds, all seeking a unique experience, should enjoy our exquisite food and distinguished atmosphere. Our ingredients undergo rigorous research, where the best elements are sourced, examined and hand-selected to assure premium consistency in quality, taste and texture. All this to guarantee sustainable fineness and advanced delicacy. We thought of Babel as a place where food becomes a common language bringing together all the very components that make our Lebanese cuisine internationally acclaimed, gathering under one roof surprisingly sophisticated recipes that take our guests on unique trips of taste overlooking all what Lebanon has best to offer. Babel - Dbayeh: Since its opening in 2009, the first Babel won the challenge of concept, design, mood and cuisine. Conquering the hearts and palates of its clientele, it served more than 600,000 customers who kept returning to a place where they feel at home, to a destination where adventure walks closely with familiarity, to a world where the journey of “discovery” is never ending… Babel Bay - Zaitunay Bay: The year 2012 revealed the second chapter of success with the opening of Babel Bay, in Zaituna Bay. Fond of diffusing passion manifested in an elegant atmosphere fused with a fine dining experience, Babel Bay served more than 200,000 customers. Depicting elegance and fine dining, Babel Bay remains a place of authenticity with rejuvenated senses. Babel Bahr - Amchit: With a prominent location on the seashore and an astounding innovative design declared through a terrace for private functions and celebrations , Babel Bahr was open in summer 2013 underlining another chapter in the story of a place that evokes conjuring memories and appeals to the distinctive taste of its clientele.


4 branches [ Dbayeh - Hazmieh - Achrafieh - Mar Mikhael - ]

We offer an innovative concept, with fresh daily baked bread and pastry, and a healthy rich menu with a variety of sandwiches, salads, artisan pizzas and burgers, desserts and other platters that everyone can enjoy in a fun and relaxed high standard/value setting.

Batchig By Mayrig

Dbayeh -

Great Mediterranean and regional dishes with an armenian twist. delicious salads, mezzes grills and desserts along mouthwatering fresh wood oven baked specialties.


3 branches [ Mazraat Kfarzebian - Broumana - Dbayeh - ]

BLACKROCK is a delicious, very healthy interactive dining experience. Your meal is presented on preheated volcanic rocks at your table. You can enjoy a meal freshly prepared and cook it to your personal taste. In a modern and stylish atmosphere, you can also discover liquid perfection at our vibrant cocktail bar. We host special events. Contact us so we can work out the details. We welcome active participation on our Facebook page. However, we reserve the right to remove spam or inappropriate posts. In case of inquiries, we will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Central Station Boutique Bar

Mar Mikhael -

Central Station Boutique Bar first opened its doors in April 2013. The name Central Station referred to the old Beirut Station located in the Center of the capital. The aim of the bar is to bring the best classic cocktails back to the forefront of Beirut’s drinking scene, whilst adding new flare and modern creativity to forgotten libations. Central Station is recognized for its innovative approach to mixed drinks that utilized culinary techniques to aid in the story of each and every cocktail on its list. It’s known for having the most popular and famous cocktails and the best bartenders. The music played is contemporary with a lean towards swing/jazz/blues. In addition to its rather tasty cocktail selection Central Station serves a wide selection of appetizing and tasty food.

Chez Sami

Jounieh -

Seafood is the speciality of the restaurant “Chez Sami”, located, about, 20 km North of Beirut. The place is conveniently situated on the Maameltein coastal road – next to a sandy see shore – in the heart of the famous bay of Jounieh, just a few minutes away from the “Casino du Liban”. Offering therefore its customers, from its wooden terrace as well as from its indoor dining area, a wide and breath taking sea view. The restaurant services local markets of Keserwan, Jbeil, Metn and Beirut. Its customer base is well diversified between locals and internationals. Furthermore, a sizable portion of our clientele is composed of businessmen, corporate executives and politicians who arrange their business lunches and diners invitations at “Chez Sami”. The restaurant managing family, the Rizkallahs, who inherited their know-how from their father, Mar Sami Rizkallah the founder of the famous restaurant who had a passionate interest in sailing and was a talented caterer, have a long experience in catering and seafood. As a result, the restaurant became one of the leaders in the seafood restaurants, enjoying an excellent reputation of quality, good taste and hygiene. It is a place, were simplicity and beautiness of a traditional Lebanese house is in harmony with a unique modern atmosphere of refinement were your thoughts and senses can travel fare away beyond the limits of the horizon. So, come and join us on board for a So, come and join us on board for a long journey by see around a nice table of seafood and Lebanese mezze.

Chez Zakhia

Amchit -

Chez Zakhia was founded in 2004 and is owned by Mr. Zakhia Moujahed. Seafood is the specialty of the restaurant, which is located about 35 km North of Beirut. The place is conveniently situated on the Amchit sea-side road, right on the shore and extending into the sea. It offers its customers, from its wooden terrace as well as from its indoor dining area, a wide and breath-taking sea view. Chez Zakhia's customer base includes locals and internationals. Furthermore, a sizable portion of its clientele extends to businessmen, politicians, officials, and most importantly, families.


4 branches [ Jbeil - Dbayeh - Hamra - Sin El Fil - ]

Chopsticks serves up a contemporary twist on Chinese food. Here authentic flavors combine in a unique, casual yet refined setting. The ambiance is relaxing and welcoming, making Chopsticks ideal for business meals, family outings, lunch with friends and romantic dinners. The diverse menu grills, steams and stir-fries an incredible selection that includes live seafood (available every day and cooked in a special Chinese style) and more delectable delights. Chopsticks stands out because of the freshness of its ingredients and food, strict quality control, dedication to client satisfaction, and well-trained local and Asian staff. Chopsticks offers all this at affordable prices.

Cinco Beirut

Broumana -

In March of 2013, the two sisters Yasmina and Elissa, traveled to Peru for one month, in order to volunteer and teach English to orphans. As they roamed the streets of the country and took in the sights and sounds, the heritage and diverse Peruvian cuisine, they came across the Pisco drink. Upon to returning to Beirut after their one month mission, they were keen to share their experiences with family and friends, expressing their excitement for all they saw, tasted and felt. And so, together, along with Joy Azoury, managing partner of Maillon Group and Jessica Azoury, his sister, they decided that the best way for others to truly experience the sights and sounds of Peru was through Cinco Lounge. The international menu at Cinco Lounge offers a variety of some of the most flavorsome dishes from across the globe, guaranteed to satisfy any palate. From delicacies hailing from the French kitchen, tidbits from Asian culture, and of course the soulful Peruvian cuisine, from quinoa to ceviche and succulent Peruvian beef and shrimp. The venue also offers an assortment of seating arrangements, from a long bar area, high tables and stools, sharing tables, a more formal dinner setting, as well as lounges. The positive atmosphere of the venue is coupled with a non-commercial repertoire including Indie, new disco, alternative and deep house music. Pisco Cinco is only available at Cinco Lounge. Maillon group has the exclusivity of selling Pisco Cinco in the Middle East, Cyprus and Turkey.

Classic Burger Joint

5 branches [ Dbayeh - Jal el Dib - Down Town - Achrafieh - Hamra - ]

We only serve real burgers and their essential sides, fries, salads and drinks that enhance the burger experience. We are growing and always looking for great new people to add to the team; Restaurant Managers, cooks and waiters.


2 branches [ Dbayeh - Gemmayzeh - ]

Couqley offers delicious classic French bistro meals created by Chef/Co-Owner Alexis Couquelet. Serving lunch & dinner during the week and brunch on the weekend, you can choose your favorite dishes from our tastefully crafted menus and accompanying beverages from our extensive yet widely accessible wine list and a fully stocked bar. Couqley's design is warm and reminiscent of 1950’s artisan workshops; its interior design inspired by the original bistros of France and features hand-cut mosaic stone floors, white marble and cast zinc bars and charming outdoor seating terraces. Couqley is available to host your Special Events.

Diamond Cafe

Jdeideh -

Diamond Cafe the trendiest spot in town where friends families and trendsetters meet for an unforgettable gathering, food and beverage!

Diet Delights

3 branches [ Achrafieh - Zalka - Sarba - ]

Diet Delights is a nutrition center that helps you follow a healthy lifestyle without taking away the pleasure of eating. Delve Into the Delight of a Healthy Life-Style Diet Delights S.A.L. was established in 2004 by a group of highly qualified and licensed dietitians to fill a gap and a growing need in the Lebanese and regional market for a nutrition center that offers professional educated counseling.

Dunya Beirut

Sodeco -

Dunya Beirut is a high end Lebanese Restaurant with a unique daily live performance

Em Sherif

Monot -

Em Sherif is a fine-dining Oriental restaurant that offers unique, authentic Oriental cuisine which brings back forgotten traditional flavors. Em Sherif only offers a set menu for a fixed price. It is characterized by its homey atmosphere where invitees are offered whatever is cooked daily. It is distinguished by its daily dish that promises to surprise clients’ palette, its wide variety of mezze and food, its refined service and its elegant decoration. Em Sherif is also an entertainment venue with musicians and singers performing every night and events organized regularly.

Enab Beirut

Achrafieh -

Enab Beirut is a story of every Lebanese House… The outings, the parties, the magic, the love of life… The resilient smile that leaves no face indifferent… The cuisine that captures every taste… The diplomatic word that leaves a mark… The smooth-talking, resourceful man… The sharply attractive woman… The ups and the downs… The warm gathering and conviviality even after a dispute… That homey feeling… That’s what Lebanon is all about… That’s what’s Enab is all about…


Jounieh -

"Since its establishment Haramlek Café took over with its specialties and signature Mediterranean chefs across the country located in Jounieh Sarba – Lebanon. Till date, this most talked about hot-spot been serving sensational international cuisine and best Shisha to guests from across the globe. With our extremely friendly and courteous staff, it is the perfect place to sit, relax and satisfy your senses - especially your taste buds! Besides our specialties we also serve a great blend of drinks and desserts in order to meet the wide-range demands of all our guests."


Dbayeh -


2 branches [ Beirut - Sin El Fil - ]

It's always important to have a place where you feel yourself at home and trust the taste! Julia's was created for you so you can enjoy a great night with fine food prepared by talented chefs. It's not only about the food, it's also about the atmosphere where our guests can sit back and relax. Julia's believe that diners are able to enjoy a night with entertainment without the need to go to clubs or pubs. Our aim is to keep our customers satisfied. You can always pass by to have lunch with your friends, colleagues and family, Business lunch are also welcomed! Catch up with friends, celebrate your special occasions, organise meetings, or take that special someone and be romantic only at Julia's !


9 branches [ Jbeil - Zouk Mikayel - Jal el Dib - Baabda - Hazmieh - Khaldeh - Down Town - Achrafieh - Hamra - ]

Opened in 1993, our first Kababji branch in Jounieh was an instant success. A new delightful & traditional approach to fresh and flavorful Lebanese food. We are known for our variety of cooking methods from Lebanese grills, an open kitchen to charcoal grill and a brick oven set up with an emphasis on product freshness, healthy cooking and advanced hygiene standards. Today, our concept appeals to the modern health-conscious consumers who are increasingly demanding tasty and light food accompanied with a fast yet pleasant service. Mission: At Kababji, our mission is simple: we strive to give a delightful experience! We cater to ensure healthy and delicious food all the way to your doorsteps. Our aim is to redefine and fulfill new taste sensations with carefully developed recipes that appeal to all tastes. We are proud to introduce the concept of “pleasure eating”; a concept that will trigger your taste buds. We welcome active participation from all fans, however we reserve the right to ban members and delete posts if found foul or inappropriate. In case of inquiries, we will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Kronfol Restaurant

Naccache -

Kronfol Lebnen A new Lebanese Restaurant opening its doors in February 2014, located in the heart of Metn, Antelias / Dbayeh directly behind Spinneys. Away from the regular commercial restaurants, our Grand-Ma insisted on introducing her own homemade recipe of traditional Lebanese dishes (hot & cold mezze, salads, sweets, ....) Our Menu is rich in its variety of ancient Lebanese food with good quality and a special mix / twist of "Kronfol". Kronfol's atmosphere provides you with a relaxing, chilling and zen mode, allowing you to enjoy and have fun with friends and family. The aroma of flowers and "Kronfol" from our garden floats all over the moderated terrace. The view of the old traditional house and its garden, also the shadows of the olive trees brings back sweet memories and takes you back to the roots of our Lebanese culture. We await your presence and your feedback is highly appreciated.

Loge Restaurant

Gemmayzeh -

Its pleasant and welcoming atmosphere guaranties the most enjoyable and satisfying dining experience. The handsome interior design elements and the uniquely textured walls produce a smooth, flowing look which adds a touch of class to the beautiful and lavish décor . It is simultaneously upscale and casual and offers diners an elegant atmosphere with high quality service. Our regular program starts with relaxing music: a variety of classical and soft low beat hits, carefully selected by our resident DJ, to put you in the dinner mood and to ensure the enjoyment of your savory meal while projecting music videos to entertain you along the way. Following is some dance music of 80's and 90's, mix of English, French and Spanish with a flavor of some Arabic for a beautiful warm-up to kick off the evening. To top a wonderful evening, music Veteran and singing artist, Fady Sayegh, gets you in the mood to party and shake your body all night long, with a variety of Arabic music blended with unforgettable hits that get you ready to hit the dance floor on the rhythm of the pure oriental and Arabic dance beats of our times.


Gemmayzeh -

The last time Lorisse was seen strolling down the neighborhoods and alleyways of her native Pasteur street, Beirut was boiling with an unprecedented cultural and artistic Renaissance. It was the early 70's, and Lorisse, the unique daughter of a prominent textile merchant, was in the heart of it all: the gala dinners, the concert halls and the long Riviera tanning days. Soon after the city plunges into the buss of what, Lorisse sealed her yellow louvers, locker her front garden gate, and vanished without a trace. Years turned into decades; Lorisse’s childhood friends and many young suitors became grandparents. Gazing at the lifeless garden of the old house, their wrinkled eyes light up as they remember her radiant smile, her perfect French accent, and, above all, her unmatched cooking skills. Some say that she married a wealth furniture trader and moved with him to Africa, others that she enrolled in a French sorority that shelters and cooks meals for the poor. It is therefore needless to describe their utter disbelief when, on a breezy winter day of 2015, they woke up to find her unclaimed ghost house bustling with like gain: Fresh paint is drying on its walls and columns, tables and chairs have been laid in the garden, and standing there, at the front door, as a radiant as ever, her smile barely tames by the years, a whimsical Lorisse waves and calls at them: “Ahla W Sahla Tfadallo!”

Margherita pizzeria del quartiere dal 1959

4 branches [ Jounieh - Sin El Fil - Gemmayzeh - Sayfi - ]

Margherita was born in 1959 in Italy. Osvaldo and Agata Casa gave birth to Giovanni in 1959. The same year Osvaldo decided to open a small neighborhood pizzeria, as a gift to his beloved wife, Agatha. As Giovanni grew up, his mother realized that he had inherited her passion for cooking, and in addition, his fathers love of good food. So, she inducted him into her world, teaching him her secrets, and he soon became a great chef. Years later, Giovanni would decide to share his mothers recipes with the world, to recreate the authentic taste of her cooking, the flavors that accompanied him throughout his childhood; the essence of his home. So was born Margherita pizzeria del quartiere dal 1959. Margherita first opened in Gemmayze in 2008 and is now one of the most renowned Italian restaurant in Lebanon.


Gemmayzeh -

Mayrig, un coin de chez nous dans votre assiette A young girl on a long and lonely voyage, a beautiful stone house by the sea, and a book of fiercely guarded recipes. These are just some of the elements which compose the fascinating history of Mayrig. Tucked away at the far end of Beirut’s Gemayzeh quarter, Mayrig is a restaurant that adapts the popular classics of Armenian cuisine, while generously borrowing from Lebanese and other Mediterranean influences, in order to feast guests on a dazzling array of flavors. Our “haven of dining perfection”, as food critics have hailed it, uses spicy ingredients and dewy-fresh harvests from the entire region, delicately hand-crafted creations, and a charming setting that still evokes Beirut’s glory days. Somehow, what you get is even more sublime than the sum of its parts…not surprising for a restaurant which still believes in serving food, and welcomes, very warm.


4 branches [ Dbayeh - Achrafieh - Hamra - Dora - ]

The aim of Napoletana is to provide our guests with a typical neighborhood Italian restaurant that would not be out of place on the corner of any Italian street. Focusing on the traditional thin crust pizza and within a simple, expressive and genuine Italian ambiance, Napoletana offers a casual dining atmosphere with more than seventy menu items including gourmet pizzas, delectable pasta and a wide variety of appetizers, salads and desserts. Napoletana has been created to bring to life all the warmth and charm of an unpretentious restaurant which serves delicious and authentic Italian cuisine. In an ambiance which recreates the birth place of traditional pizza and using traditional Italian facades and vibrant Mediterranean colors, our guests are transported to the heart of Napoli to enjoy our chef's delicious creations.

Printania Villa

Broumana -

Located in the center of Broumana, Printania Villa combines a variety of fine restaurants, cafes & pubs with a welcoming atmosphere and pleasant weather. For your reservations: Escobar 70-999798 Black Rock 70-619666 Duo 04-863386 / 04-961386 C-Garden 76-692923 Clown Lounge 81-687587 Juice Box 04-960988 Wrap N Roll 04-960989 / 70-919919 Spiced and Sliced 04-863963 / 76-363363


4 branches [ Jbeil - Achrafieh - Kaslik - Zalka - ]

Republic Restaurant Project is located in Kaslik, with a total surface area of 3000sqm. The restaurant consists of four floors, including many recreational activities such as bowling and billiard lounges in addition to a kids zone.


Faraya -

Richly indulge yourself in a SENSATIONAL experience! On 1700m altitude in the HEART of the mountain, rises RIKKY'Z, the biggest Wooden House in the Middle East, located in Faraya, 45 minutes away from Beirut. Whether in the indoor space, the terrace, or the garden, RIKKY'Z is your perfect GETAWAY with unmatched components. Surrounded by the BREATHTAKING VIEWS, RIKKY'Z has combined for you an EXQUISITE food menu, GREAT atmosphere and INCOMPARABLE music... From a full course service to buffet dining, from a ROMANTIC dinner to the HOTTEST party, RIKKY'Z is open all year round to satisfy all your senses with the ULTIMATE experience.


2 branches [ Antelias - Achrafieh - ]

Experience a whole lot of heart and soul. Experience Tamashii. Set within the heart of Beirut precinct, Tamashii is the best kept secret in town serving up contemporary Japanese soul food unlike any other. Tamashii was created on the belief that a meal should not only satisfy your appetite, but also your soul. Tamashii invites you to enjoy the savory flavors of Japanese cuisine that are not only pleasing to the palate but also good for the soul. Our menu boasts authentic Japanese sushi and classic dishes matched with an exclusive range of sakés. Sit back, relax, and discover true Japanese taste in the heart of the city. Meshiagare.

The Village Dbayeh

Dbayeh -

For reservations at your favorite restaurants: 190 Urban Sushi: 71 90 01 90 Crepaway: 76 18 26 35 Divvy: 03 66 85 33 Lina's: 70 11 72 22 Nasma: 76 18 26 36 Totò: 03 48 23 49 For reservations at your favorite pubs: Barcelona: 76 666 752 BistroBar: 70 28 82 11 Bodo: 03 23 42 69 Faze II: 70 33 13 37 Mayor: 70 61 27 12 or 71 61 27 12 Pablo Escobar: 76 77 70 92 Rural: 76 36 66 36 The Bar: 76 85 11 15 The Oak: 71 45 65 55 Trumpet: 71 93 93 98 Edutainment Studio for Children and Teens: Talent Square: 70 11 10 96 The Village: 76 16 26 36 The Village is a community of restaurants and bars located in the heart of an emerging Dbayeh. 16 of Lebanon’s best names in the F&B industry are moving into this new neighborhood characterized by its stone houses, fountains, outdoor public spaces and greenery. The Village offers a large variety of brand names in the restaurants and bars industry. It caters to the needs of all age groups and client categories, and a kid’s playground welcomes families.

19 Nineteen Restaurant

Khaldeh -

It is hard to miss 19 nineteen restaurant on the Khaldeh highway. 15 minutes away from Beirut, its remarkable oriental themed venue and comfortable furniture, will leave you with great, elegant and comfortable atmosphere. 19 nineteen restaurant serves you the best specialized international food from Lebanese, American, Japanese to Mediterranean dishes and constitute a great stop for some quality time with family and friends. Our menu provides you with the most distinctive and delicate to the mouth, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides, we offer a wide range of choices that you can enjoy from our cocktail menu, all served with highest professionalism and delicacy at a great price. 19 nineteen restaurant is a huge part of a complex enterprise where sushi is served by Sushi Ko, coffee by Second Cup and offers a wide range of German home appliances at German Haus. An extension is planned in the near future that involves adding a playground for kids and an exclusive gym for women. Worth a try on the way to the south!

365 Restaurant

Dbayeh -

t 365 Restaurant, our signature Plat du Jour, extremely varied menu and home-style cooking, ensure there are 365 separate days of tempting flavors waiting to be discovered. 365 Restaurant is a new category of restaurant. We are not a fast food chain and while we are a profitable concept, our primary emphasis is on quality rather than cost. We focus on serving good food people can eat every day. In addition to our menu, we serve at least 2 plat du jours if not 3 or 4 daily. By combining Lebanese with International cuisine, we offer an impressive selection and reach out to all tastes and preferences.

3al Ba7er

Enfeh -

3al Laylaki

Tabarja -

3al Yamine, Restaurant

Kaslik -

3anbar Restaurant

Achrafieh -

3oud Restaurant

Saida -

450 Cuisine au feu de bois

Mayrouba -

Ici le temps s’arrête. C’est le retour a la cuisine simple, honnete et sans prétention, voila tout le programme qui vous est propose. Que ce soient les fumets, les couleurs , les textures ou bien sur le goût,,, le cerveau humain pourra a peine assimiler cette « Orgie de Saveurs » riche en « Gastronomie du Terroir ». Les pieces de viandes passe jusqu'à 12 heures dans un four a pierre volcanique, ou réside jusqu'à 450° degrés de température. La cuisson commence par l’intérieur de l’os qui explose sous la pression et laisse dégager la moelle fondante qui a son tour ce mélange a la viande et son fabuleux jus. Imaginez ne plus utiliser de couteau pour manger de la viande, du gibier…, en n’oubliant surtout pas les légumes et accompagnements comme une Ratatouille Ensoleillee ou un Gratin a l’ancienne qui eux aussi ont traverse ce magnifique calvaire pour en sortir en texture beurree et qui termineront dans la bouche d’un chanceux. Christian Billard.

88 Cafe – Resto

Antelias -

Aal Bahr

Jbeil -

Aal Fahm

Mazraa -

A'al Fahem is a fast food restaurant serving Lebanese food. A'al Fahem is well known for his famous shawarma.

Aal Sennara

Zouk Mikayel -

Aal Wady

Ehden -


Mrah Zayat -